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Kia Sedans Stand Out in AutoPacific VSAs

Friday, August 16th, 2019
Side view of a red 2019 Kia Forte

Kia in the 2019 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards 

Each year, Kia fans in the market for a new vehicle keep an eye on the latest news and awards for their favorite vehicles. Now in its 23rd year, AutoPacific and its Vehicle Satisfaction Awards survey all kinds of drivers to try to give shoppers the best idea of how satisfied they are with their vehicles. That’s why we wanted to highlight Kia in the 2019 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.  (more…)

Telluride Wins Award for Versatile Performance

Monday, May 13th, 2019
2020 Kia Telluride driving through heavy sand

How Well Does the 2020 Kia Telluride Perform Off-Road? 

Ever since the new Telluride was released this year, it has quickly become one of the most exciting SUVs available in the entire Kia lineup. Now one of the manufacturer’s largest and most powerful models available today, plenty of people are excited to get behind the wheel of the new Telluride and experience its impressive performance. So, how well does the 2020 Kia Telluride perform off-road? 


Kia Shines with Exciting Design and Performance

Monday, April 15th, 2019
Red 2018 Kia Stinger on a black background

What is the Highest Rated New Kia Vehicle? 

Back in 2017, Kia made a huge impression in the automotive world with the release of their new sporty sedan, the Kia Stinger. Since its initial release, the buzz for the stylish sedan has not gone away, as the new model continues to impress into 2019. With a whole model year passing since its initial release and more popular models on the way, what is the highest rated new Kia vehicle? 


New Concepts and Technology Makes Appearance in South Korea

Friday, April 5th, 2019
Blackpink band standing beside new Kia Masterpiece concept

Kia at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show 

The 2019 model year has been a big one for Kia. As newer models such as the Stinger and Telluride continue to grow in popularity, other mainstays continue to innovate and improve. Kia is also showing no signs of slowing down, as the manufacturer unveiled plenty of exciting new concepts in South Korea to showcase where the brand is heading. So, let’s take a look at Kia at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show.  


Kia Vehicle Chargers Available Through Amazon Website

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019
Kia charger ad on Amazon featuring Kia models

Where Can you Buy a Charger for a Kia Plug-in Electric Vehicle? 

We have seen a big shift in the automotive world in recent years with the growing popularity of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models. However, while these models are extremely interesting to where drivers want to try one out for themselves, it’s definitely a different kind of driving experience. So for those simple questions that car shoppers will need answering, where can you buy a charger for a Kia plug-in electric vehicle? 


Kia Reveals Newest Concept Vehicle

Thursday, March 7th, 2019
Imagine by Kia electric car concept on black background

Imagine by Kia Electric Car Concept at 2019 Geneva Motor Show 

Each year, Kia updates their most popular models with better designs, performance and features to make them better than ever. While this is often exciting for Kia fans, it doesn’t come close to the excitement and anticipation that comes with a new vehicle. At the recent Geneva Motor Show, the manufacturer had quite a bit to talk about. So, let’s take a look at the Imagine by Kia electric car concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. 


New Kia SUV Surprises Fans at CAS 2019

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
Side view of a red 2020 Kia Sportage

2020 Kia Sportage Debut at the Chicago Auto Show 

Known as the nation’s largest auto show, the recent 2019 Chicago Auto Show showcased some of the most anticipated vehicles and technologies coming to the automotive industry. Of course, like any auto show, people are most excited to see the newest vehicles from their favorite manufacturers. One of the biggest announcements was the 2020 Kia Sportage debut at the Chicago Auto Show. So, let’s take a look at the exciting new SUV!