Citrus Kia Fast Pass with red Kia sedan

Citrus Kia Fast Pass

Shopping online has become more popular over the years. For some people, they do almost all of their shopping entirely online. As more businesses start to offer online shopping, people can avoid going to the store until they need to pick up their items. One of the most recent businesses to join the world of online shopping is dealerships. Now, your favorite Kia dealership is joining in on the fun of shopping for a car online.

What is Fast Pass?

As a way to make shopping for a new car even easier for our customers, we have decided to launch a new buy from home program called: “Fast Pass.” We introduced this program to make shopping for a car online easier, faster, and more fun.

We worked hard to make sure that our checkout experience is transparent throughout the entire process. Fast Pass will allow you to upgrade to a new vehicle from the safety and comfort of your own home. After going through the online buying process, all you need to do is visit the dealership to sign the final papers and go home in your brand new car.

Advantages of Buying Online Through Fast Pass

If you’ve been buying clothes, games, makeup, and décor online for a while, you’re most likely aware of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. However, buying a car online has its own unique benefits. While shopping online for a new car, you can calculate the rate of your loan, find financing, find insurance, and see your credit report. Another benefit you’ll find is that you can find out how much you can get when trading in your current vehicle.

Learn More About Citrus Kia Fast Pass


If you’re interested in learning more about Fast Pass, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Here at Citrus Kia, we are always eager to help our customers.

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