Give us call OR come into Citrus Kia for an appraisal. If your item is too big to move, bring in a picture! We will let you know exactly what your property is worth!! We will take anything in trade towards the purchase of a new or used car. We here at Citrus Kia believe that everything has a value. We are determined to find the fair market value on ANYTHING you would like to trade. We Take Anything In Trade! Goats Boats Trains Planes! You Name It, We Trade It! Rust buckets, junkers and clunkers, old cars, gas guzzlers, tractors and toys.

Common items we take in trade are Vintage or Antique Cars, Campers, Motorcycles, RV/Motor homes, Gold, Tractors, Lawn mowers and other Farm Equipment, ATV/Dirt bikes, Jewelry, Watches, trailers of any kind, and we will even trade land!

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